Andressa Griebel

Andressa Griebel was born attentive to the world of fashion, she couldn’t do anything else that was not connected to this market. The modeling career started early and already paid attention to the entire cycle, professionals, products, materials, language, concepts, scenarios, exhibitions, history, in short. It was a career that took her to live in places like Turkey, Milan, Greece, London, China, and Malaysia.

There were countless opportunities to experience fashion in all aspects and even within different cultures. 

Andressa Griebel wanted to practice fashion more, develop the side of really getting her hands dirty. Her perfectionist side gave her a lot of credit and security to have his own brand. Then he followed this path that has been growing every day. But it was still not enough to realize the daily impulse of always looking for news. 

She is an ambassador for the sustainable fashion app Tise, she shakes her social media as a digital influencer, she is a model in her spare time, she doesn’t rest until she knows every corner of the world. He loves to travel and thus manages to have the perception of a timeless fashion, but nothing basic.

Andressa amassed over 27,000 followers on her Instagram account.