Ava Fiore

Ava Fiore was born in Spain on July 14th, 1980, and she has spent much of her adult life in Queens, New York.

Don’t let her crazy antics fool you! Ava Fiore is all about sports. The former boxer has had a passion for sports from an early age. Ava grew up a bit of a “tomboy” surrounded by her older brothers. Fast forward several years and then “Cleats and Cleavage” emerged! This is Ava’s way of expressing her take on sports in a unique way. From sports news to fantasy sports, Ava has managed to cover it all in a nontraditional way.

Sports blogger and former boxer, Ava is known for her personal brand, Cleats & Cleavage. The accompanying website, cleatsandcleavage.com, contains posts of her discussing sports in her lingerie. She has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram.

She was inspired to create Cleats & Cleavage after looking in her refrigerator. She has said that she wondered how she could fit various items of food on her body. She studied aeronautical engineering and became a licensed pilot.

She became a Fox News contributor for Watters World and frequently discusses multiple sports on Fox Sports Radio. She is a former Gold Gloves boxing amateur champion in New York. She won in 2002 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. In 2004, she posed for Playboy.

In 2015, she began dating NHL goaltender Semyon Varlamov.