Alexandra Brunstad

Alexandra Brunstad is a passionate and driven sophomore at Boston College, where she is pursuing dual degrees in English and Neuroscience. In addition to her academic pursuits, Alexandra is also a skilled and dedicated dancer, who has earned numerous accolades for her performances.

Despite her rigorous schedule, Alexandra is committed to maintaining a healthy balance between her academic, personal, and social life. She recognizes the importance of self-care and actively works towards it. As a health coach, Alexandra endeavors to inspire and empower others to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. She helps her clients achieve their wellness goals through customized meal plans, stress management techniques, and academic support.

Alexandra’s approach to wellness is holistic and focuses on addressing the mind, body, and soul. She believes that good health is not just about eating healthy and exercising, but also encompasses emotional and spiritual well-being. Alexandra is committed to fostering a community of individuals who prioritize their health and well-being.

Apart from her passion for health and wellness, Alexandra Brunstad is also involved in several extracurricular activities on campus. She is an active member of the Boston College dance community, where she participates in various performances and competitions. Alexandra is also a member of the College’s literary magazine and enjoys reading and writing in her free time.

Alexandra’s hard work and dedication have earned her many accolades and recognition at Boston College. She is a talented and motivated individual who aspires to make a positive impact on the world.


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