Eden Levine

Eden Levine was born on April 28th, 1988 in Guatemala. Eden is a published lingerie, and swimwear model as well as an upcoming fitness model. She is an exotic mix of Salvadorean and Guatemalan (bet you thought she was Asian?!) who knows what she wants and lives her life to the fullest.

Eden Levine was born in Guatemala and raised in El Salvador by her grandmother until she was 11 yrs old. From there, she moved to Maryland to reunite with her mother. Soon enough, Eden realized that Maryland was too small for her and that she wanted bigger and better things for herself. Eden has a fire inside of her that will not be tamed. She is a wild child for a lack of better words. She loves life and wants to live it to the fullest. She likes exploring new places, trying new things, and just being “free.” “The world is a beautiful place,” she says, “you just have to open your eyes and see it.”

Eden Levine plans on exploring the world and living in different places throughout her life. “The world is too big to just settle and live in one place your whole life,” Eden says. So after moving on her own at 18 yrs of age, (she started working when she was 15), and already having two places of her own, she decided that it was time to move out of state to a place with more excitement and adventure. On she went to California! Eden jammed packed her ’94 Mazda with everything she could and started heading out West to her new life. She managed to eventually get to California in 4 days, but would have made it in 3 days nonstop, had her car not broken down in Kingsman, AZ! Eden excels at anything she puts her mind to. It is no surprise she made the Dean’s List and Honor Roll throughout her High School career. She graduated with scholarships and honors and got accepted to 4 colleges including Savannah State University, Florida State University, Meredith College in North Carolina, and The Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale. Unfortunately, Eden didn’t have the funds to attend these schools on her own and scared to accumulate too much debt, she opted to go to community college instead until she had enough credits to transfer.

Once in California, Eden realized that she wanted more to show than her beauty. She continued with her education and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and graduated with a Visual Communications degree. Eden has lived in California for almost 6yrs now. Eden plans on exploring more of what this world has to offer by helping others be strong-minded individuals. Eden didn’t have the best of childhoods and has many scars but she is grateful for all the bad and the ugly because she is who she is today. Her humbled beginnings have shaped her to be a very hardworking businesswoman who wants to excel in her career and passion for life, and fitness. Some of Eden’s interests and passions include working out (Weight Lifting, Hiking, Spinning, Yoga, Running, Pilates and Kickboxing), Reading, Writing, Researching, and of course Traveling. An unknown personal passion is the “Art of Magic and Illusion.” Eden was bitten by the magic bug at the tender age of 8. Inspired by a friend of the family Eden has always kept her interest in the magical arts. Edens’s first trick was “the Square and Circle” that she made herself. Since most illusionists are men, it seems a natural challenge for Eden to make her mark in a “Man’s World.’ Stay tuned!

Things are in the works for Eden to break into the world of Illusions! Eden’s ultimate goal is to inspire others and be a role model. She wants to teach boys and girls out there that you are your own motivation and that YOU, yourself are responsible for your future and what you want of it. Your mind is a powerful gift and if you use it to your advantage many great things can happen. YOU just have to believe in yourself; no one can put you down but you! No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up! Everyone who has the pleasure of meeting Eden Levine has nothing but positive things to say about her.

Below are some testimonials of people whom Eden has had the pleasure of working with:

“You really opened my eyes up to see the difference between a model and a pretty girl. I respect how you quietly took care of business and never complained, not even about being hungry! You need a fruit cup, you let me know, I got you.”

“You know what I think of you… and everyone agrees that you’re special. We all want the best for you. And remember, you’re in the driver’s seat, not them.”

“I really like your look, it is a beautiful combination of exotic and wholesome, very nice!”

“You are doing a great job…your making yourself into a star.”

“I would say that you were one of the best and hottest models there.”

“You have an amazing look, Eden.”

“First and foremost, it was a pleasure working with you. I see now why Wang speaks so highly of you. You have a fantastic look, an amazing attitude, and I hope to work with you again sometime soon. “

“Eden, I really and truly would never do this for anyone. But I truly believe that you are worth it. I just want you to know that I am thankful we are friends, you seem to be a truly sincere and special person. Not to mention a beautiful model…”

To summarize, Eden is the definition of an enchantress; we have fallen under her spell. She is strong, passionate, and goes for what she wants. Her energy is alluring and her love for life is contagious. Her captivating beauty will leave you mesmerized and we can rest assured that she will leave her mark in a “Man’s World.”

So remember, if you want something? Go for it and believe in yourself!