Elizabeth Loaiza

Elizabeth Loaiza Junca was born on January 7, 1989. She is an influencer, a Colombian model, a beauty pageant winner, and a helicopter pilot. She was married to Rafael Alberto Escruceria Lorza., and she has a daughter her name is Ana Sofia Escruceria Loaiza.

Elizabeth Loaiza began modeling at the age of 4. She won the Miss Mundo Colombia (Miss World Colombia) beauty pageant in 2006.

Cover of countless magazines such as SoHo, which has been ported four times, Don Juan, Novias, Tv, and Novelas, Vea, among others. In 2015 was an image of the Colombian Clinic of Obesity and Metabolism, and the protagonist of a music video of John Paul Ospina called Doin ‘it.

Elizabeth amassed over 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Elizabeth Loaiza, it is one of the famous more is supporting with their publications and messages the fight against the coronavirus. Confined at home, take advantage of when the sun comes out to exit to the terrace and get on the top.

In addition to making an appeal to all their fellow citizens to use masks, Elizabeth has taken advantage of these days at home to keep working, now that we are all confined, and costs us more cleaned up, your business pajamas has experienced a boost she is the first to confess that he likes to be with this garment at home.

Also has had time to assemble-with the help of his partner- a gym in your own home and continue on with their routines for the duration of the quarantine, though the more controversy they have generated so far has been some of the questions that have made your followers.