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Tags & Mentions

Photos, videos, and stories on Instagram consist of the photo or video itself and a caption under that photo or video where the influencer can mention other Instagram accounts, websites, hashtags…etc, and on the photo, the influencer can tag other accounts.

Photo Posts

The influential figure can come up with a suitable scenario to promote and market a product or a service through a professional photo-shoot and a targeted caption. Material will be reviewed by the client and agreed on with the influential figure before publishing.

Video Posts

Video posts are popular on Instagram, and it gives the influential figure the freedom to promote products and services and talk about them. The video material and caption will be reviewed and approved by the client and the social media superstar before publishing.

Appearance & full story

This is a combo of photos, videos and check-ins plus captions. This can be fully customized to suit the clients needs to successfully market and promote the specified product(s) or service(s). It might include travel and previous booking.

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After we review and approve the asked request, we send the financial offer.


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