Anna Mingazova

Anna Mingazova; a Beautiful 33-year-old Russian model, born in Kazan. The blue-eyes blonde enjoys spending time in the sun and on the beach. In addition to modeling, she is an influencer on social media with more than 500k followers on Instagram. Anna was born on July 12, 1986.

Anna participated and won many competitions; second place in the ranking of the most beautiful fans of Russia Boomgirls competition to win a new iPhone X, and another competition where her photo participated in the contest “The Best Faces of Russia”, which was held on Instagram.

Anna is a socialite, she loves shopping a lot, her wardrobe is full of short dresses, sexy shorts and expensive fur coats, she also works on promoting products from different brands, mainly fashion and writing captions like “…and how many forms do you have? – just enough so that everyone doubts that she has seen the real … It is impossible to resist the @malina_fashion dress, this is love from the first glance”

“Nothing more Beautiful trouser suit from your favorite @malina_fashion

“I love comfortable and beautiful images. In this, you can both in the office and for a walk. Total look by @yanalukacherofficial”

Anna has a daughter and got married on Nov 4, 2019, and currently lives in Kazan, Tatarstan. Little is known about Anna’s husband, but Anna says that he treats her well, often gives her presents, takes her to luxury resorts. Together with her husband they often go to football, they also like to play sports, for example, roller-skating or jogging in the morning.

Anna Mingazova studied at Kazan National Research Technological University from 2002-2008.

Anna’s height is 175 centimeters, weight is 53 kilograms, the spectacular blonde maintains her figure in perfect condition, she has long legs, a thin waist, and a pumped-up butt.

In conclusion, Anna Mingazova is a talented model and influencer who has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. Her stunning looks and captivating personality make her one of the most promising models in Russia. Her social media presence and love of fashion have made her an influential figure in the fashion industry.