Lily Ermak

Lily Ermak was born on November 30, 1989, in Russia. Lily is a social media personality who is particularly known for her sizable following on Instagram. She often posts photos of herself modeling and documenting her daily life.

She first posted a photo, which was a selfie, to Instagram on April 5, 2013. She has garnered more than 1.6 million followers on her Instagram page. She has also been profiled by the online lifestyle publication Rooster. She was born in Chukotka, Russia, and raised in Moscow, Russia after she turned 5 years old.

Lily is definitely a foodie, she posts so many photos of her having delicious meals from around the world. She has a number of tattoos on her attractive body. Ermak has a son, who’s around 10 years old his name Misha.

Lily Ermak like other Russian Instagram Models; such as Sveta Bilyalova, Dasha Mart, Anella Miller, Alena Mills; is getting a lot of attention from online brands and fashion promoters like FashionNova and others.

Lily has a fitness profile on Instagram where she gives tips and training to followers and fans.

Last but not least, Lily is one of the finest and most beautiful models on Instagram, and her posts are just stunning.