Inessa Shevchuk

Inessa Shevchuk was born on May 15, 1994, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Russia. Inessa is definitely the most popular Russian IT-girl at the moment.

Inessa Shevchuk (@i.s.nesquik) has gained much popularity in Western countries thanks to spending time with German designer Philipp Plein. However, in Russia, she has been known for a longer time.

Inessa, 26 years old, was raised in Habarovsk, a city in Eastern-Russia, 30 kilometers from the Chinese border. In addition to school, Inessa also went to an art school and completed both successfully. After graduating the high school, Inessa started studies in a local university but then decided to move to Moscow and continue in the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

When Inessa was 17 years old, she led a show on a local TV-channel in Habarovsk. Thanks to her work, she met a lot of known people and had good opportunities to network, which turned out to be very useful, when she moved to Moscow. The bigger popularity came in September of 2014 when she went on the famous reality show Dom-2, which has been a starting point for many Russian socialites and stars. Going to the show wasn’t her goal, but she was invited, and she went to the casting, where she won the hearts of the producers with her great personality. After the project, she decided to work on her appearance and build her Instagram influencer and model career. Now Inessa mostly models for fashion boutiques and cosmetics brands.

Inessa’s lifestyle is fabulous – she is traveling to luxury destinations a lot, she receives huge flower bouquets, she gets expensive gifts (like Mercedes’s), she eats in the most prestigious places and she is always surrounded with influential men. Inessa has been hanging out with musicians – Grigory Leps, Sergei Shnurov, T-Killah, Guf –, designers – Philipp Plein, Dean, and Dan Caten (Dsquared²) –, actors – Adrien Brody, Anthony Hopkins –, businessmen and so on…

A young girl, who came from nowhere and is now living that kind of lifestyle and has been seen with famous men – for haters there is no room left for imagination. Rumors about her being an escort go with her everywhere. However, she has denied it and threatened people with going to court.

One Russian online-magazine once wrote: there are three things that you can watch endlessly: fire, water, and the girls from Dom-2 blaming each other for being in sexual relationships for money. This summer she had a fight with a less-known girl from Dom-2, Victoria Romanets. Both girls were posting on their Instagram stories proof that the other girl is an escort.

Random facts and gossip about Inessa Shevchuk

  • Inessa is a Taurus.
  • Inessa’s height is 170 cm and weight is 55 kg.
  • She has lived in China for some time and knows the Chinese language on a good level.
  • Even though you can find bad-looking pictures of her younger years on the Internet, the reality has been vice versa, and she has won some beauty contests.
  • At the end of 2017, there were rumors that soon Inessa will be a mother. She did not give any comments, but now it is sure that these rumors were false.
  • Aiza Anohina aka AZIZA, the ex-wife of famous Russian rapper Guf, made a diss-track about the glamourous lifestyle of Moscow, where many famous women, including Inessa, were mentioned. Her measurements are 170/55.