Katharina Mazepa

Katharina Mazepa was born on August 19, 1995. Katharina is a social media influencer and an Austrian model and former Miss Vienna. Katharina began modeling when she was 16 years old and have developed a passion for exploring the inward and outward beauty in the world around us.

Katharina Mazepa grew up in the Mariahilf district in Vienna, where she attended Vienna Bilingual School and studied in Malaysia for 1 year when she was 14. She studied environmental engineering at BOKU University in Vienna (The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, or Universität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU) was established in 1872. It is an education and research center for renewable resources).

In 2019, she married US-diplomat Shilo Mazepa in Spoleto, Italy. The couple moved to Washington D.C. later that year. Amina Dagi the former Miss Universe contestant was her bridesmaid. Shilo Mazepa studied at the University of Washington (The University of Washington is a public research university in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 1861, Washington was first established in downtown Seattle approximately a decade after the city’s founding to aid its economic development).

Mazepa was crowned Miss Vienna in 2014 and has worked as an international model since.

Katharina Mazepa amassed over 178,000 followers on Instagram.