Emma Barber

As the Naked Tan Marketing Manager, Emma Barber is responsible for promoting the brand through creative campaigns and collaborations with influencers. She also scouts and manages brand ambassadors and keeps up with the latest social media trends to ensure the brand stays ahead of the game. Emma is a passionate product lover who believes in the power of self-care and self-love. Hailing from Australia, Emma draws inspiration from the country’s vibrant culture and natural beauty.

In addition to her marketing expertise, Emma Barber has a keen eye for fashion and beauty trends. She uses her platform to share her favorite products and fashion tips with her followers. Emma is also passionate about health and wellness and often shares her fitness routines and healthy eating habits with her audience.

As an influencer, Emma has collaborated with a variety of brands in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Her engaging social media presence and authentic approach to content creation have made her a sought-after partner for many companies.

In her free time, Emma enjoys exploring the great outdoors and traveling to new destinations. She is also a dedicated animal lover and supports several animal welfare organizations. Emma’s positive attitude and passion for life have earned her a loyal following of fans who look to her for inspiration and advice.