McKenna Wesley

McKenna Wesley (aka TheBubblyBlonde.Life) was born on March 16th, 1987, has always been a Bubbly Blonde; full of life and joy, with a love for fashion, all things beautiful and travel. These loves have mixed together well and formed a great foundation for TheBubblyBlonde.Life a fashion and lifestyle blog.

This Arizona girl’s successful modeling career began when she was only 6 weeks old, which eventually led to living in Malibu while modeling and happily traveling all over the USA.

A long-distance call from her mother changed everything when she casually suggested that McKenna explore becoming a blogger. This little suggestion was ignored for years, but when McKenna moved home to Arizona, her mother’s idea eventually became a reality and TheBubblyBlonde.Life officially began. When a 10-second fashion video of The Bubbly Blonde went viral with over a million views, McKenna knew she was on her way to something good.

McKenna’s patience and persistence have definitely paid off. Now with over 400k followers (and growing) combined, wonderful doors are opening up for this Bubbly Blonde entrepreneur while she successfully navigates her way through business, blogging, and life.

She began modeling when she was just 6 weeks old, and her mother suggested that she consider becoming a blogger.