Alexis Ren, who is she?

Alexis Ren is 19 but her profile has been blowing up for the past five years, which makes her feel way older than she is. “Because of how much I’ve gone through, I want to say I’m more wise than my age,” she told The Cut in a recent interview. Here are a few more things the Instagram model revealed about herself:

1. Her proportions are an impossible 34-22-34. Like, wuuuuuuuuut is happening with her body.


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2. It’s mostly clear — but still unclear — what her relationship status is. Until somewhat recently, Alexis was deep in a loved up state with fellow Instagram celebrity and model Jay Alvarrez. Rumors of their breakup had fans bugging out. Neither Jay nor Alexis have addressed their relationship directly but she did answer The Cut when asked. She gave “an exaggerated shrug” in response to the question, “So you’re not together?” and had this to say: “It is what it is. Like, [my] personal life is pretty out there, but I’m okay, everything is good … I mean, it’s interesting … everyone has their own opinion about it. But, you know, it is what it is, and we’re both happy, and that’s what matters.” Later, someone on Alexis’s team said, “She is in a very transitional phase. You know, it’s obvious … She’s been working so hard.” I’m assuming that “it’s obvious” means that it’s obvious they’ve broken up?

the best meal I've ever had

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3. She realizes that sex sells — and she’s OK with it. The first photos of Alexis that went viral were ones of her wearing a bikini when she was 15. That’s when “everyone just started following, following, following.” Hey, if it works!


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4. There’s no sugar daddy. Alexis thinks it’s funny when people insinuate that some dude is paying for her world travels. “I pay for my own things, and that’s how I’ve always been since I was 15,” she said.

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5. She loves her fans. Most of them are young girls, according to Alexis. Her fans come up to her on the street, and she doesn’t mind at all. “If I can make a girl’s day by hugging her, hell yeah,I’ll hug the crap out of her,” Alexis said. “I will kiss her on the cheek. I will love her. I will take as many photos as she wants. That’s how I’ll always be.”

6. She works out every day. That’s how she gets her sick body and she’s very proud of it.

7. She does not drink. Well, she is 19, but this is also good for maintaining abs, I’m told.

8. She eats clean. She said she’s “more Paleo than anything” though she doesn’t really bother with labels.

9. She tans. She told The Cut that “I have to get at least 20 minutes of sun every day. An hour is the best because it’s good for you. You need it. I need it to have that little spark … I think of the sun as my battery, my charger.” She uses sunscreen though.


I'll be here if you need me.

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10. Gigi Hadid is her role model. Like Alexis, Gigi leveraged her social media power to build her career in fashion. “I respect her because I understand … I mean, girls like her open the doors for girls like me. So all I can do is thank her.”

11. She doesn’t use Photoshop on herself. She actually hates when people accuse her of it because she works for her body.


Life nowadays 🏴

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12. She’s growing up. You may know and love her because of her youthfulness, but it’s not going to be that way forever. “I have a very puppy girl image, so it’s been fun to kind of be like,Hey, guess who’s turning into a woman.”

Original source: Cosmopolitan