From Russia with Love, Instagram Version

In 1963 when SPECTRE through Rosa Klebb (Russia SMERSH Officer) recruited Tatiana Romanova to seduce James Bond then lead to killing him, the world was taken by the beauty of Tatiana and her attractive look. This is all fictional.

Today, in real life, there are a number of gorgeous Tatianas in the world, but none of them wants to kill Jame Bond or anyone else. They are living an amazing and fabulous lifestyle, traveling the world, eating the most delicious, and driving the best cars.

Russian girls are mesmerizing gorgeous. They have a kind of breathtaking mystique about them especially that so many people have the Tatiana image in their minds – the beautiful assassin.
They are not only stunning but are also strong-willed. They have in them compassion, dedication, mystery, and tenderness which certainly adds to their angelic appeal.

So, here we are going to list out some of the top four beautiful girls in Russia, those are stealing the hearts of many people on Instagram and in real life:

Nika Mariana 810K Followers
Sveta Bilyalova 6.2M Followers
Ksenia Tsaritsina 523.4K Followers
Anella Miller 2.5M Followers

Those models have around 10M followers from all over the world, so combined they can really influence the planet.

You can download the infographic by clicking here.