Steph Pacca

Steph Pacca is a social media influencer, personal trainer, model, and travel blogger. Steph lives in NSW, Australia.
She loves to travel, work with people and create a happy, healthy, and motivated outlook for her followers.

Steph is known for her dedication to fitness and her positive attitude toward body image and self-love. She has also created her own fitness app, the Steph Pacca Fit app, which offers personalized workout plans and nutrition guides to help people reach their fitness goals.

Steph Pacca has a large following on Instagram where she shares her daily workout routines and fitness tips. In addition to her social media presence, Steph has also launched her own fitness program, the Steph Fit Program, which offers personalized workout and nutrition plans to help people achieve their fitness goals. She has also been featured in several fitness magazines and has worked with various fitness and activewear brands.

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