Chiara Nasti

Chiara Nasti was born on January 22, 1998, in Naples Italy. Chiara is a social media influencer and a fashion blogger who founded a self-titled blog and wrote a book called “Chiara Nasti – Diario di una fashion blogger.” Her fame extends to Instagram with more than 1.7 million followers on her nastilove account.

Vanity Fair Italia and Elle Italia have written about her and her works.

She has a sister named Angela Nasti. Her parents are Gabriella and Vincenzo Nasti. She dated Ugo Abbamonte.

Chiara Nasti has worked with a variety of top brands like Puma, Ysl, and Tudor, the former of which was founded by Rudolf Dassler.

Chiara wrote in her blog:

A dream come true…

I’m Chiara Nasti, a young Italian girl who started a long journey that I hope will last for a long time!

A new blog, a new layout, closer to my new style, a new me…a bit more mature and a lot more rock! I will try to share with you every moment, every experience, and every emotion. I know I should add a list of all the works I’ve done, but you know what? I don’t want to, this is my diary, a reflection on my daily life that I would like for all of you to participate.  What do you say, you’ll like that?

So come on guys, let’s go more wild and strong than before…
I already know they will force me to transform this section of the blog in a biography (not a long one I’m
only 18 y.o.) but for now…let’s keep it like this…and in the meantime…stay tuned because big news is coming!