Daniela Gunning

Daniela Gunning, model and social media influencer from the US. Daniela loves the art of photography, capturing moments through still image or even in simple stories featured on her Instagram account danieallover. Daniela’s two mottos, which her followers embrace highly, are “Good Wolf” and “Make It Count.”
Daniela Gunning wants to spend each day, living life to the fullest, embracing new opportunities, expanding her mind, and consistently remaining positive and spreading good energy to everyone around her, which her followers have also applied to their own everyday lives.
Daniela Gunning also took part in NYFW as well as a campaign for the NewFest LGBT NY Film Festival, in which her own photo was selected to be on their rotating billboard in Times Square, on top of taxi cabs, as well as other sources of advertisements throughout the city.
Daniela loves dogs, the beach and partying.