Marta Mielczarska

Marta Mielczarska is Instagram and TikTok content creator who is best known for her modeling videos and photos. She started posting fitness content on Instagram in 2016. She has over 503,000 Instagram followers.

She was born and raised in Gliwice, Poland and later moved to Los Angeles, California. She is often pictured with her two dogs and a cat on social media.

Marta Mielczarska travels a lot and shares videos and pictures from locations all over the world.

Marta was born on Feb 11, 1994, and she attended the University of Southern California. She is in a relationship with Randy Lehoe. Randy sometimes is part of Marta’s video, pranks, and magic tricks. She has a few tattoos on her beautiful body.

Marta as a fitness star wrote: “First of all your diet needs to be on point and you need to eat A LOT. The only way to put on muscle mass is a surplus of kcal (calories).

“The second thing is a proper workout plan and now you can easily access the booty guide that I put together to help you guys achieve a bubble butt.”

Models like Nata Gata, Laurence Bédard, Hana Giraldo, and Valeria Guznenkova follow Marta’s Instagram account.

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