Emily Zeck

Emily Zeck, also known as thatpineapplegirl, is a surfer, influencer, singer, and songwriter with a strong following on Instagram of more than 512,000.

Emily Zeck was born on Feb 2nd, 1996, she is a native of Vero Beach, Florida, Zeck grew up surfing and playing music. She took part in open-mike nights as a teen and was a student at the University of Northern Florida in Jacksonville when she first started using her social media accounts to promote her music. She released her first single, “Pacific Blue,” in late 2015. It appeared on the four-track Good Vibe Tribe EP in 2016, the same year she relocated to Los Angeles for more collaborative opportunities.

Zeck was featured on Parisian DJ duo KLYMVX’s song “After Midnight,” released via Sony in 2017. That year, she also worked with EDM producer/DJ Gazzo on her own song, “Stardust (Forever Young),” combining her laid-back acoustic sound with quirky electronic beats. The singles “Avocado Toast” and “Give It All” followed on independent label PRMD in 2018.

Here is part of After Midnight lyrics:

Love me when the night is young

You should know it won’t be long

‘Cause baby when the midnight comes

Yeah, I’ll be long gone

Emily Zeck or thatpineapplegirl is a brand ambassador for CELSIUS Energy Drink.

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