Halley Elefante

Halley Elefante was born on July 1st, 1986 in New York, USA. Halley is a social media influencer and the creator of this beachy, boho blog. A little backstory:

Born and raised in upstate New York, but always on the hunt for sun and sand ever since she was 18. She’s lived everywhere from sunny Florida to coastal North Carolina, to the island of Manhattan. 2 years ago she and her boyfriend (the man behind the lens) moved their lives to the North Shore of O’ahu. And that’s where everything just clicked… the Salty Blonde was born. Halley’s clothing and styling addiction mixed with the tropical paradise she now called home was the perfect excuse to showcase where all her hard-earned money goes to. All while helping people find rad clothes and discover brands that she loves and gives the thumbs upon. It’s a win-win in her book and she hopes you enjoy the good vibes.

Halley was interviewed by Bikini.com, HolisticFashionista.com, and Bikinilux.com.

When asked how did she realize that Instagram was a medium that worked for her, she answered:

When I started The Salty Blonde, my main goal was to possibly get free merchandise because I was so broke and could barely pay rent, but I needed to feed my shopping addiction. I just styled outfits with old clothing and kept at it and The Salty Blonde started to grow more and more every day, but on top of that, I really enjoyed it. I continued working as a bartender and did The Salty Blonde as a hobby and slowly but surely, and with a lot of hard work, it turned into a business. I was able to leave my bartending job after one year from starting The Salty Blonde. To be able to work for me is a dream come true, but it definitely didn’t happen overnight.

Halley Elefante birth sign is Cancer.

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