Mia Khalifa x Lover Boy Levant in “Nails Out Now”

Get ready for an exciting and unique musical collaboration that no one saw coming! The multi-talented former adult film star turned sports commentator, activist, and influencer Mia Khalifa has joined forces with the enigmatic artist, Lover Boy Levant, also known as Saint Levant, to deliver an exceptional piece of artistry in his latest track, “Nails Out Now“.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting this innovative and unlikely fusion, and the final result did not disappoint. “Nails Out Now” is a testament to the creative ingenuity and artistic versatility of both Khalifa and Levant.

Lover Boy Levant, renowned for his mystical blend of electro-pop and indie-rock, leverages this signature sound, infusing his contemplative lyrics with a moody ambience. The addition of Mia Khalifa’s voice brings an intriguing dimension to the mix, adding depth and character to the composition, and together, they weave an intricate story that captivates from beginning to end.

The duo’s chemistry is palpable, both in their vocals and their on-screen interaction in the music video, directed by the talented Mattias Russo Larsson. Larsson’s masterful direction shines through every frame of the video, creating a compelling visual narrative that beautifully complements the song’s enigmatic tones.

Despite being a newcomer to the music industry, Khalifa’s performance in “Nails Out Now” is both confident and emotive, furthering her ongoing journey of reinvention and growth. Her role in the project is not merely as a featured artist but as a key collaborator, bringing a distinct energy and perspective to the track.

Lover Boy Levant, on the other hand, continues to push boundaries and challenge conventional music norms with his distinctive style. His fusion of genres and artistic experimentation remains consistent in this track, solidifying his reputation as one of the most exciting rising artists in the contemporary #music scene.

“Nails Out Now” is a thrilling and unexpected collaboration that harmoniously combines the talents and unique styles of Mia Khalifa and Levant. It’s a testament to the endless possibilities of artistic collaboration and the magic that happens when diverse talents come together.

Check out “Nails Out Now” on your favorite streaming platform today and get ready to immerse yourself in this audio-visual treat!