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A Cancer lady can be a bit standoffish and guarded at first, but once you earn her trust and get her to warm up to you, she’ll be a loyal companion for life. This is reflected in Julia Louise relation, the gorgeous model. However, if her trust is betrayed, she’ll cut you off permanently and never speak your name again.

Our team had the pleasure of chatting with Julia Louise, the Swedish model, and Social Media superstar.

Influgram: Hello Julia, and thanks for giving us the chance to chat with you. Can you start by telling us who is Julia Louise, superstar?
Julia: Hi, the pleasure is mine. I was born in Sweden in July 1989. I was actually born in the rural countryside, surrounded by wonderful nature, horses, goats, and a lot of bunnies. When I grew up my father moved abroad and I lived with my mother and sisters in the very uptown of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

I’m Emotional, intuitive Cancer. However I was born closer to the Lion sign, I assume a touch of exuberant Lioness sometimes comes out.

I earned a Bachelor in Business Administration with Marketing as a major, from Stockholm University, in Sweden. Then I followed my dream and continued my education in Business Management at the University of California San Diego. I’ve also got few training courses in various medical spa treatments since I’m passionate about beauty and worked as the head of a medical spa before I moved to The USA.

Regarding hobbies, I am the type of woman who “does both”. Growing up being quite creative, I love the artistic approach to beautification including dressing up, beauty enhancements, and plastic surgery. I love modeling, especially since my boyfriend is my photographer.

Influgram: Do you follow sport events, and what are your favorite teams?
Julia: Since I’m Swedish and one of our greatest sportsmen of all time is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, my favorite sport team is whatever soccer team Zlatan is playing in. Until recently LA Galaxy.

Influgram: Julia, what’s your favorite movie(s) and actor(s)?
Julia: I love Angelina Jolie. She is stunning and hot, and also such an interesting and unique human being.
I can’t decide what movie would be my favorite for her. In addition to that, I love “A Beautiful Mind”, “Gladiator” and “The Lord of The Rings”.

Influgram: When it comes to modeling and the brands you worked with, can you name a few brands your modeled or worked for?
Julia: I used to model in Sweden since a young age, with different makeup and hair care brands, such as L’Oréal Paris. I’ve also modeled exclusive furs and dresses.

Since I came to America I pursued a model career with fewer clothes on, nuder. I will be in an upcoming playboy issue, and hopefully more to come.

Influgram: Thanks Julia, good luck. What about fun, what do you do to have fun?
Julia: Other than pursuing all my hobbies and passions, no matter how prudent and a little boring it may sound, but fun for me is making sure my home is clean, fresh and beautiful, and all my family is happy and healthy.

Influgram: How do you start your day?
Julia: I start the day with taking care of my home and my boyfriend, cooking for the day, gym for a session with my personal trainer, and then it’s time to take care of myself.
I believe that the key to staying beautiful through years and years depends on being healthy, staying happy, and last consistency.

Influgram: What are your future plans?
Julia: I’ve had a future plan for my life for the past 10 years since I started studying and later met my love. Right now I’m in the happiest stage of my life, I’m blessed and thankful for that every day.
Finally, I don’t have to focus on the future, and the only future plans I have is to do what I can for my current life to stay this happy!

Influgram: Last but not least, your relationship status? Are you dating anyone?
Julia: I am in a relationship with my boyfriend, whom I rather refer to as my King. It’s a love story. I was in love with my King for four years in Sweden and we stayed in a relationship until I came here and after I graduated from UCSD we moved in together. I feel very blessed every day waking up next to him since I was waiting for it for such a long time.

Influgram: Thank you very much Julia, we wish you success and beautiful life.
Julia: Thank you Influgram.

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