Who is Sara Underwood‬‬?

Former Playboy model, Instagram celebrity and travel blogger – all you need to know.

The stunning star has become a known face on Instagram thanks to her daring and cheeky photographs.

Sara Underwood originally turned heads as a Playmate of the Year.

Now she’s become Instagram famous for baring all as she travels across the globe for the sexiest Instagram pics ever.

So who is Sara Jean? What does she do for a living and where has she been?

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Here’s everything you need to know about the star…

Who is Sara Underwood?

Sara Underwood is a 32-year-old former Playboy model originally from Portland, Oregon.

The star became a playmate in the mid-2000s, and was crowned Playmate of the Month in 2006 and Playmate of the Year in 2007.

She was succeeded the following year by Jayde Nicole.

Since launching her career in the spotlight, she has had a string of small roles on the silver screen – including comedy The House Bunny, Epic Movie, and 2014’s Deadly Weekend.

Sara Underwood now travels the world and takes photos of her adventures – more often than not while completely nude – on Instagram.

As an internet entrepreneur, the star has also put her face to a coding course online to help those with limited experience get their tech start-up running.

How does Instagram star Sara Jean make her money?

After amassing a following of 7.3million on Instagram alone, Sara Underwood launched a Patreon page to ask her fans for their support throughout her adventures.

Those who choose to patronise her can choose a series of categories as reward for their donation – including access to her personal Instagram page and her NSFW Snapchat.

People who opt in to donate $500 or more a month will also receive an item of clothing from her and a photograph of her wearing it.

So far, she has 2,300 patrons giving her money to carry on her adventures, though how much she actually earns has been hidden from public view.

Has Sara Underwood had any plastic surgery?

Sara Underwood has had a breast augmentation and joked on one of her photos that her boobs are her ‘floatation devices’ after going from a 32B to a suspected 32DD.

She is also rumoured to have had a nose job in 2006 on plastic surgery speculation websites, but this has never been confirmed.