Tawny Jordan

Tawny Jordan, Swedish/Phillipino Model, and Social Media Influencer. Tawny has modeled for swimwear, fashion brands and appeared in COED magazine as Miss Coed 2013. Tawny loves being a model and nothing is more exciting for her than swimwear or lingerie. She thinks every model has a dream of being a spokesperson for a major line, and she will be honored to represent one of the most respected brands.

Tawny Jordan takes every job she is given quite seriously because she knows that first impressions are lasting, and she always wants to represent her brand and agency to the fullest.

Tawny is always energetic and full of enthusiasm at any shoot and wants to only deliver the best results each time.

Being a model doesn’t mean just being pretty on the outside, the inside matters as well. She is very lucky to have a great coach who guides her to always be a winner.

Tawny says:

I’m so thankful for everything that has happened in my life, because if it wasn’t for every mistake or good decision I’ve ever made I wouldn’t be here. I’ve been modeling for over 6 years and I’ve learned a lot. I have to thank my amazing team which consists of my family and friends who continuously support me, agencies, clients, photographers, HMUA’s, Jaja-design for my website, fans, and my old manager.