Quick Chat with Eden Levine

When we talk about curves, the first one who comes to our mind is the attractive, gorgeous, and sexy Eden Levine, period! The Salvadorian model has all the traits an independent genuine Taurus woman may have! But you need to be careful of her quick temper when upset.

Our team is so extremely happy to have an interview with Eden Levine, The Curvy Salvadorian.

Influgram: Hello Eden, it’s our pleasure having you in our “Quick Chat” series. Let’s start by you telling us about Eden?
Eden: Hi, thanks Influgram. I was born on April 28 1988 in beautiful Salvador, and now residing in the USA. I love going to the gym and working out, hiking, reading, researching, meditating, and travel so I’ve been to Spain, Greece, and other countries around the world.

Influgram: Do you follow sport events, and what are your favorite teams?
Eden: I am honestly not into sport, I don’t follow any teams!

Influgram: Eden, what’s your favorite movie(s) and actor(s)?
Eden: I’m not very starstruck 🙈. I loved The Bodyguard growing up but now as an adult, I usually just watch something once and move on to the next lol.

Influgram: When it comes to modeling and the brands you worked with, can you name a few brands your modeled or worked for?
Eden: I worked with a number of brands, local and international. Amiclubwear, Fit tea, Flat tummy tea, Urban Skin Rx, Pretty little thing, Quest Bars, Halo top Ice cream, and a lot more.

Influgram: Thanks Eden, good luck. What about fun, how do you spend your fun time?
Eden: I love being active so my fun involves going on a hike with friends, maybe brunch afterward, or going to dinner and drinks, movies, the beach, and traveling. Staying fit and healthy has always been a priority for me, so I walk and hike a lot.

Influgram: How do you start your day?
Eden: With coffee always! Lol. I cannot open my phone without first having a few sips of coffee. Once I open my phone the day begins. I check messages, emails, DMS, and edit/ post my social media posts for the day.

Influgram: Thank you very much Eden, we wish you success and beautiful life.
Eden: Thank you Influgram.

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