Nazarova Arina

Nazarova Arina was born on December 26, 1995, in Russia, and her birth sign is a Capricorn. Nazarova is a fashion model who won Queen of Eurasia in 2015, and was from the top 10 Miss Russian Radio 2015. She has worked as an Agency Social Star and modeled for Harper’s Bazaar. She has over 736,000 followers on her nazarovamur Instagram account.

Nazarova is known for her lavish lifestyle, sexy bikinis and dresses, traveling to the most beautiful places around the world, in the most expensive ways, i.e. private jets, rolls royce…ect.

One of her first Instagram posts is of her in a fur coat in Moscow in October 2016. She visited Dubai in August 2017 and the Maldives in November 2019 (where she called it the Paradise). Zuma Dubai is one Nazarova’s best restaurants.

Nazarova Arina is currently single, according to our records, but from her Instagram photos, it seems there is a mystirous lover somethere, who is also spending the big bucks.

A quote by Nazarova Arina:

Just be grateful our Universe for every single beautiful morning in your life and be happy to love and be loved.

Last but not least, Nazarova photoshooted with another gorgeous model, Dasha Belize. Dasha has over 500,000 followers on her dashabelize instagram account.