Instagram King and Casanova, Mr. Dan Bilzerian

When it comes to Instagram Royals, Dan Bilzerian is definitely the king.  With over 20 million Instagram followers, the king is living it big.

Dan Bilzerian was born in Tampa, Florida, to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen, and has a brother, Adam. He has said that half of the Bilzerian family were killed during the Armenian Genocide. His father, who is of Armenian descent, was a corporate raider on Wall Street and set up trust funds for both of his sons. Bilzerian entered the Navy SEAL training program in 2000 and after several attempts, he did not graduate the program. The reporter who conducted the interview of Bilzerian for confirmed his participation in the SEAL program and stated that according to his research Bilzerian was dropped “for a safety violation on the shooting range”.

Dan is constantly surrounded by some of the hottest girls in the world and appears to have more money in the bank than we would know what to do with.

He recently hit out at claims he pays the girls to hang out with him, laughing: “While I am not against people paying for sex, I currently don’t as it would be like paying for air.”

Over the past few months he has hung out with everyone from Justin Bieber to former Geordie Shore beauty Vicky Pattison.

Appreciate all the birthday love today @chrisbrownofficial @g_eazy @stefanieknight @lindseypelas @rosieroff

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Lindsey Pelas, also an American social media personality and model, appeared several times with Dan Bilzerian.

Pretty sure the @blitzfantasy contest winners had a good time at the launch party. Song by @tpain

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America is rioting in the streets over the election, in other news, weed is now legal in Nevada

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Im in this pic. Photocred: @powersimagery

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Dan Bilzerian is simply Guns, Girls, Fancy Travel, Beautiful Cars and Mansions.

Family vacation #ImAllPackedUpMom

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