Instagram Quarantine Models: Sveta Bilyalova

“Me ready to survive virus,” Instagram superstar model Sveta Bilyalova wrote Tuesday on Instagram. As you can see from her coronavirus shoot, Russian Sveta has used up some of her toilet paper supply for her debut virus content dump. It was just a matter of time before the IG models got serious with their corona content and Sveta just upped the ante for all the pretenders out there who’re acting like they don’t know how to create corona content. How bad do you want it, ladies? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your toilet paper for a shoot?

Are you ready to sacrifice your 3M masks for a shoot? Or are you going to wait around and let the big dogs like Sveta beat you to the punch? It’s time to figure out whether you want to be a corona content contender or pretender. Sveta just banged out this single photo to 6.3 million followers who’re going to think you’re a pretender if you try a similar shoot. Sit down today and figure out how you can compete with Sveta. How you can outthink her corona content.