MAVRIN Studios: A love story

Instagram models gained a lot of attention in the past few years, but a special group of models called MAVRIN Models are definitely on top of the list, if not Number One.

MAVRIN models or studios is the brainchild of Aleksandr Mavrin, the professional photographer from Moscow Russia. All their photoshoots are in beautiful and exotic destinations, such ask Bali, Dubai, Phuket, Kitzbühel, Abu Dhabi, Verbier, Cappadocia / Kapadokya, and other places around the world.

They recently started an e-magazine called MAVRIN magazine (Digital version. Exclusive content only!) where they post adult content and exclusive work from their photoshoots.

The models promote tourism, fashion, and lifestyle content. One of the models, Viki Odintcova was filmed dangling over the side of a Dubai skyscraper, held only by a male assistant’s hand and not wearing any safety equipment, and the video of the stunt on Instagram had millions of views, with some praising her for being daring, and many have also criticized her for not valuing her life.

The total number of followers for all their channels and their models’ channels is in the tens of millions and followers are highly engaged in all the content posted whether photos, videos, or stories.

The main models are Viki Odintcova, Nata Lee, and Irina Dreyt.

Click here to download an Infographic about Mavrin Studios and the models.